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Hello everyone, and greetings from a sunny but chilly day in SW London!

I've just published my third novel 'The Courtesan and the Mutineer', and it's available on ebook and paperback from Amazon. I'll give you a brief synopsis.

Mary Ann Turner, known as Polly, is born into abject poverty in Black Swan Alley, Southwark in the late-18th Century. She escapes her abusive mother and brothers, but is lured into working as a prostitute in a stew in order to support herself and her young child.

Polly relocates to Covent Garden, the epicentre of the Georgian flesh-trade, where she quickly rises to become one of the most famous, and sort after, courtesans of her day. She plunges herself into a hedonistic lifestyle of heavy drinking and sexual excess, but her heart is broken by one of her lovers.

She meets her second husband, a Jamaican sailor Alex Lindo, and she finds herself on a Royal Navy ship headed for the Pacific island of Otaheila, in order to escape her past. She misbehaves, and is put off on the island, where she spends two years living with the Otaheilans as she awaits rescue.

HMS Plenty arrives, and she meets the enigmatic and brooding first-officer Fitzroy Jefferson. The captain of the Plenty agrees to take her back to England, only for Jefferson to stage a mutiny and take the ship, and Polly gets dragged along with the mutineers in their quest to find their paradise.

I'll leave the links below, there is an accompanying vlog on YouTube, plus you can check out my website:


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