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Hello everyone, and greetings from a snowy March day in London, UK.

This is to tell you about my latest novel 'Out of the Darkness' which has just been published. It's available on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback, and there's also a free book deal starting on 9th March 2023 for a week. The links are below. I'll give you a brief synopsis and, as usual, there is an accompanying vlog featuring all of the London locations in the book.

The story starts in Saffron Hill, then moves to Bedford Row, Holborn, then Smithfield and the site of Bartholomew's Fair, Clapham Common and finally the King's Road, Chelsea.

An accurate portrayal of London history. Laura is born into filth and squalor in Saffron Hill, a notorious rookery full of thieves and criminal gangs. She is subjected to horrific abuse from her parents until, one day, she is 'rescued' by the wealthy and seemingly kind Mr Freeman.

She soon realises that she has swapped one dark prison of abuse for another, and is trapped in a nightmare of loneliness and crippling depression, until she meets Richard Lawrence, and the two start an affair together.

Pregnant and deeply in-love with him, the pair run away together, but her happiness is cut short and she finds herself, once again, in the dark abyss of Mr Freeman's abuse, where one tragedy follows another.

She eventually meets a young solicitor, John Stevens, and has to find the courage to love again, and emerge out of the darkness of her past and into a life of bright sunshine and content.

Many thanks, and hope you enjoy it.


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