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This is to let you know that I’ve just published my latest book ‘Gas Street’. It’s a ghost story set in Fulham, London, and it’s a departure from my usual genre of historical fiction. I’ll leave the links below and, as usual, there’s an accompanying YouTube vlog. Many thanks.

Ernest Jones, a quiet, unassuming, and smartly dressed young man is a clerk in a gasworks by day and a serial killer by night. Psychologically damaged by his angry and mentally deranged father, Jones lures women back to his house in Gas Street, Fulham, where he murders and then buries their bodies about the property. His killing spree only ends when he is eventually caught, convicted, and hung in 1952.

The house in Gas Street lies empty until 1999 when a young couple, Lucy and Wayne Earle, purchase it and renovate it. They move into their dream home and look forward to their happy life together with their two young children, until Lucy starts seeing and hearing strange things. She hears and smells gas, sees a man wearing a grotesque gas mask placing something under the floorboards, and the rooms appear as they were in the past: claustrophobic, grubby, and lit by gas filaments.

Convinced she is going mad, she agrees to see a psychiatrist, but when she learns about Jones and the macabre history of Gas Street, she has a mental breakdown. She spends a year in a psychiatric unit and undergoes intense therapy, finally accepting that Jones, and the gas smells, are figments of her imagination.

Or are they?


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