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RELAUNCH AND A Pared down version of 'amy'

Well, I did try! My intension was to re-edit and trim down my first novel 'Amy, The Story of a Coram Foundling' for a relaunch on World Book Day, which was on 7th March, but it was a huge mountain to climb and I failed. Never mind.

I published 'Amy' back in 2017 when I thought I'd written the next Anna Karenina and it was a mammoth 700-odd pages long, and as most of my school reports said -' Could Do Better'. Yes, there is the odd typo, slight over elaboration in some parts, and it's far too long, but it was my first attempt at writing. It's like anything you do for the first time, your crap, but the more you do it, the better you get, and I've now published 7 books, so I'm getting there.

When I eventually finish editing the said magnum opus, then I will relaunch it on Amazon, but it will be a 2nd Edition as it will be pared-down, more to the point, and hopefully a better read.

I also intend to start posting some of the historical events that take place in 'Amy', primarily Coram's Foundling Hospital, the lives of the decadent aristos she encountered, the Peninsular/Napoleonic Wars, and various bits and pieces about Regency society.


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