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Amy, The Story of a Coram Foundling

So, greetings. This is my 3rd blog. I am just updating the progress of my newly published novel.

So far, I have managed to avoid social media all my life, as I was (and still am) terrified of it.

But I have signed in, and up, to various sites, and I've started sending out various tweets, facebook, and others, and I'm still terrified. Links, shares, messages...whatever. Don't forget, I'm old!

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkein. I haven't managed to get my head around Instagram, but I'm trying.

That's all for now. Peace and love to all the world in these trying times: Brexit, Trump, Terror attacks on my beloved London, Charlottesville...

Come on, let's stop hating and start loving.

Regards, from a warm South London. Angie Northey.

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