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Amy, The Story of a Coram Foundling. A Newly Published Novel

At last! I have just published my first novel: Amy, The Story of a Coram Foundling as a Kindle ebook and soon to be paperback. Details on Amazon or my website:

Like anything you do for the first time, it was a baptism of fire, and took me two days to upload both the ebook and paperback versions, as well as both covers.

Don't forget I'm old, and computers haven't been around for most of my life, so it was quite stressful, to say the least. But after much hair tearing, swearing and half a bottle of wine, I finally did it!

In a nutshell, it's about a girl's journey through life, from the Coram Foundling Hospital in Bloomsbury (now demolished), to her years as a servant in various households and her various love affairs.

It is set in the Regency era and is seen through the eyes of a working-class servant girl, who winesses first hand all the extra-marital affairs, secret pregnancies and vices of the aristocracy. Georgette Heyer, it ain't!

There are sad moments, funny moments and heartbreaking moments, but above all it is a thoroghly entertaining yarn. Hope you enjoy.

Regards. Angie Northey

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