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Hello everyone! And greetings from a grey and gloomy ‘summer’s’ day in SW London. I’ve just published my latest book ‘Lady Anna’.

I was supposed to write 'The Beast Catcher' as my next novel, but after writing 'Out of the Darkness' which, as the title suggests, has some very dark scenes and was very difficult to write at times. It drew on my own experiences from my abusive childhood and my later abusive and violent marriage, so I decided I would lighten the mood slightly and write 'Lady Anna' instead. I describe it in the blurb as frivolous, and to some extent it is, but it does start with Anna's miserable childhood and follows her quest to find love and happiness. In the end she is embroiled in passionate affairs with three different men and has to chose which one to marry. I mean, what more can a gal want!

It’s a bit of Victorian frivolity. A peek behind the net curtains of Belgravia. A glimpse underneath the petticoats and corsets of the late 19th Century upper-classes, and into the private lives of the wealthy and powerful.

Anna starts life in St John’s Wood with her emotionally cold and mentally unstable mother, until at the age of sixteen, when she is married off by her father to the elderly Lord Albury in exchange for forgiveness of a debt.

Her husband’s quest for an heir leads her into a new world of sensual pleasure, where her sexuality and libido are unlocked for the first time.

Her journey takes her from opulent Eaton Square to life amongst the idle rich in Nice, rural seclusion in Wiltshire, and then back to Belgravia.

It’s available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback, and I’ll leave the links below.

As with all my previous novels, there will be an accompanying vlog showing some of the London locations that feature in the book. I haven’t been able to get any time off work to film it, but it will follow shortly.

I’m also doing a free book promo on Amazon starting tomorrow 2nd July.

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